Energy Saving Tips

Everyone should be trying to conserve energy, not only is it good for the environment but it will also save you a few bucks along the way! Here is a guide of simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily lives and the whole family use.

First things first, reduce the temperature of your geyser so that there is no need to add too much cold water when you shower or wash dishes. When it comes to cooking, place the pot you use for making your favourite dish on the right size stove plate as well as by keeping the pot lid on the pot will conserve heat and energy. Depending on the dishes you enjoy, simple things like soaking beans, samp and other related dry foods overnight will save you time and money. On those chilly days remember to close the windows and doors to keep the heat in and save on your electricity bill. On the topic of doors, remember to close the fridge door every time you take something out as well as making sure the door seals properly.

Remember to switch off any lights, appliances and other energy-consuming appliances when not in use. Turn off standby modes every time you leave your home or before going to bed. By simply skipping the pre-wash cycle when your clothes are not that dirty can save you 20% electricity. Even by just changing the temperature on your washing machine for certain types of loads like washing linen can save you energy. Reduce your electricity bill by doing all your ironing at the same time. Change your light bulbs to energy-saving bulbs, like LED’s that will save you energy in the long run.

These are only but a few simple tips that you can keep in mind for your household to save you energy and money. Share these great tips with your neighbours and friends. Visit your nearest Mica Hardware for any accessories and tools that you can use to help you save energy around your home!