Cosave Rubberising a Bakkie

How To Coat Protect Bakkie Loadbed

How to rubberise a bakkie

Cosave Rubberising a bakkie


is a non-slip polyurethane protective coating formulated to provide the ultimate durability, to protect different substrates from scuff, climate, weathering, rust, water, solvents and various chemicals.


This hard-wearing multipurpose, non-slip polyurethane coating can be used in the automotive industry e.g. on trailers, bakkies, off-road vehicles and trucks, for the protection of load-beds and underbody. It can also be applied to create non-slip finish for footpaths, stairways and ramps.
It has a prominent, textured finish that is elastic and is chip, flake, peel and impact resistant.

Ultrabak can easily be repaired and be overcoated. Once cured it will not stain from water or food.
Available in a single pack polyurethane coating and is ready to use.

Surface Preparation

First do a test patch prior to the application. All surfaces should be clean, free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and rust.

Application Details

• Ensure substrates have been properly prepared, and out of direct sunlight.
• Wear safety and protective clothing.
• Ensure that all areas have been masked off with masking tape, prior to starting application.

Mixing Method: Stir well with a flat paddle.

Brush-on: Ultrabak should be applied in layers onto the surface with a brush (do not brush it as with conventional paint). Each coat should be applied at right angles to the previous coat. Overcoat time is approximately 24 hours, when touch dry, depending on ambient conditions.

Roller: Apply with a stipple sponge roller. The roller application will give a more textured finish. Follow same instructions as Brush-on. Overcoat time is approximately 24 hours, when touch dry, depending on ambient conditions:

Thinning: Not recommended – Ready for use.

Application Curing Time: Apply a minimum of two to three coats. After final coat is applied, allow to cure for a minimum of 3 days before full strength is achieved.

Overcoating and Repair: Ensure that the previous coat is clean and free from contamination. Sand previous coat to abrade and ensure that there are no loose ends.

Cleaning: Uncured Ultrabak – Can be cleaned with Xylene. Cured Ultrabak – Use Paint Stripper or by mechanically removing Ultrabak. Remove any spills immediately.

This article was sourced from Stevensons.