Cosave Blog Waterproofing A Concrete Slab (1)

How To Waterproof A New Concrete Slab

Cosave Waterproofing a concrete slab (1)

SealTite MaxPly

is a high strength-bonding adhesive for bonding SealTite Duramesh Membrane to flat concrete roof surfaces. Used as part of the SealTite Waterproofing System on flat concrete roofs.

SealTite MagMar is a premium quality ultra-durable, Urethane Hybrid Nano-Polymer waterproof topcoat that forms an extremely durable and highly flexible waterproofing protective film. It is UV resistant and weather resistant. For exterior use. Solves any decorative, protective and waterproofing problem with one product. For use on flat concrete roofs, tiled roofs, galvanized iron roofs and cromadek roofs. Also for decorative and waterproofing protection of areas such as roof ridges, parapets, skylights, flashings, joints, gaps and roof screws, gutters, flat concrete roofs, concrete slabs and tiles.


Surface Preperation

• Ensure surface is dry and in sound condition – free from dust, rust, grease, oil, algae, fungus or any loose or flaking particles.

Practical Tips

• Do not apply if rain is expected.
• Ensure each coat is dry before commencing next coat (if not dry this could lead to bubbling and wrinkling)
• Do not overspread or apply too thin.
• Regular maintenance coats will add and enhance the already existing film thickness.

Surface Application

1. Small cracks up to 1mm must be sealed with SealTite Crack Sealant.
2. Cracks larger than 1mm must be opened up to a width of 5mm and depth of 10mm. Fill with plaster-mixture mixed with SealTite C-Max. (See instructions)
3. If concrete or cement surface is powdery, loose or in poor condition, then first apply one coat of SealTite PremBond at a rate of 8m²/ℓ. Allow to dry for 2 hours.
4. Ensure surface is completely bonded and in sound condition before proceeding.
5. Ensure surface is even (if not, apply screed or thin layer of SealTite 550 using a squeegee or roller to even out surface).
6. Lay down SealTite Duramesh Membrane (1m wide roll) over whole surface to be waterproofed. Overlap membrane edges by 100mm. Cut membrane with scissors to required length.
7. Apply SealTite MaxPly straight onto SealTite Duramesh Membrane by using a block brush or roller. Apply at a rate of 2m²/ℓ.
SealTite MaxPly will penetrate through SealTite Duramesh Membrane and bond it to the surface. Ensure no bubbles or wrinkles in SealTite Duramesh Membrane during application.
8. Do not finish in corners. Do above application up sides and over the top of vertical parapet walls (where applicable). Cut and use separate SealTite Duramesh Membrane strips for top of parapet walls and vertical areas on parapet walls. Overlap membrane edges by 100mm.
9.Then apply SealTite MagMar as the topcoat.

This article was sourced from Stevensons.


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