3D Wooden Model Batmobile

Wowwe DIY 3D Wooden Model Batmobile


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3D Wooden Model Batmobile Unassembled

Unleash Your Inner Hero with the Batmobile Car 3D Wooden Model!

Introducing our Batmobile Car 3D wooden model, a thrilling addition to our collection.

Key Features:

Intermediate Challenge: Designed as a Level 3 puzzle, our Batmobile model offers an exciting challenge for intermediate builders and collectors. Get ready for an engaging assembly experience.
Customization Galore: Use regular wood glue to ensure a secure and lasting assembly. Then, let your creativity shine by painting the model with acrylic paint or spray paint. For a polished look, consider applying a sealer coat to achieve uniform color and added durability.
No Assembly Instructions: Just like our other 3D puzzles, the Batmobile comes without assembly instructions. The joy lies in deciphering how all the pieces fit together, providing a rewarding and entertaining experience for enthusiasts of all ages.
Complete and Flat Packed: Your Batmobile model is meticulously packaged as a press-out board, ensuring that all parts are included. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing pieces.
Please Note: Wood glue, paint, sealer coat, and additional accessories are not included, allowing you the freedom to tailor your Batmobile to your preferences.

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Dimensions 21 × 11 × 115 cm


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