3D Wooden Model Simple Lancaster Plane

Wowwe DIY 3D Wooden Model Simple Lancaster Plane


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3D Wooden Model Simple Lancaster Plane Unassembled.

Embark on a Classic Journey with the Simple Lancaster Plane Model – A Timeless Favourite!

Introducing our Simple Lancaster Plane model, a delightful choice for both young aspiring pilots and seasoned aircraft collectors. This model offers a nostalgic trip into aviation history, capturing the essence of one of the most iconic bombers of its time.

Model Highlights:

Historic Appeal: Perfect for those who appreciate classic aircraft design.
Intermediate Challenge: Rated Level 3, it’s engaging without being overly complex.
Personalisation Opportunity: Ready to be painted with acrylic or spray paint to match your creative vision.
Complete and Convenient: Comes in a press out board format, ensuring a complete set without missing parts.
Kindly Note: This model does not include glue or paint, offering you the choice of your preferred materials.

Take a step back in time and enjoy the satisfaction of building your own Simple Lancaster Plane!

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Dimensions 34 × 48 × 12 cm


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