3D Wooden Model Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Wowwe DIY 3D Wooden Star Wars Millenium Falcon


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3D Wooden Model Star Wars Millenium Falcon Unassembled.

Embark on the Star Wars Adventure with the Millennium Falcon 3D Wooden Model!

Calling all collectors and Star Wars enthusiasts! The Millennium Falcon is a beloved choice for those seeking a remarkable addition to their collection.

Key Features:

Advanced Level: With a Level 4 classification, this model offers a challenging build for advanced builders, providing a rewarding experience for those with model-making expertise.
Unleash Your Creativity: Secure the pieces with wood glue and let your imagination soar as you paint the model using normal acrylic paint or spray paint. Customize the Millennium Falcon to match your unique vision.
Complete Set: Delivered as a press-out board, this model ensures that no components are missing.
Please Note: Wood glue and paint are not included, granting you the freedom to personalize your Millennium Falcon according to your artistic preferences. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe and craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Dimensions 40 × 28 × 8 cm


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