Car Shampoo 1L

Car Shampoo 1L


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Car Shampoo 1L

Formulated with added extras such as easy-rinse and non-streak features. Suitable for all paint finishes.


  • Streak-free and easy rinse
  • Safe to wash vehicle on the lawn
  • Does not leave fatty residue on vehicle windows
  • Deep cleaning and a brilliant shine
  • Rich foam
  • Suitable for all paint finishes

Dilute 25ml:10l of water


  1. Use according to recommended dilutions to prevent excess foam from leaving visible streaks on windows.
  2. Always hose down the car’s painted surface with clean running water before washing, to get rid of excess dirt and dust.
  3. Always use a large soft carwash sponge or a soft car/truck wash broom with which to wash. A sponge generates foam that reduces the possibility of excess dirt scratching the paintwork.
  4. After washing, hose down with clean water, to get rid of the last dirt and foam. Always start hosing from the top. Dry with a chamois.
  5. Use the product on a cool car in a shaded area and never wash in direct sunlight. If no shade is available, wash the vehicle when the painted surface is cool and the car is not hot and sunbaked. Alternatively, wash a small area of the car at a time and hose it down immediately.

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