Efekto No Roach 25 SC 100ml

Efekto No Roach 25 SC 100ml


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Efekto No Roach 25 SC 100ml

A pyrethroid insecticide as a suspension concentrate for the control of household insects. Controls cockroaches and bedbugs in dwellings, animal houses and industrial premises.

  • Works on porous surfaces
  • Virtually no odour or staining
  • Low mixing rate is economical

Pest Dosage / 5 l water remarks

  • Cockroaches (American and German)
    • 40 ml (routine treatment)
    • 80 ml (heavy infestation)
    • Apply with a pressure sprayer or use a sprayer that is suitable for use
    • Apply as a coarse droplet spray at 5 l/100 m² or to the point of run off, or brush onto surface with a paintbrush
    • Apply spray mix to skirtings, walls, cupboards as well as all surfaces where insects are noticed
    • Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices.
  • Bedbugs
    • 40 – 80 ml
    • Apply as a coarse droplet spray or by means of a paintbrush to walls, woodwork, bedsteads and other possible hiding places, but only lightly to mattresses.

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