Efekto Roundup 1L Concentrate

Efekto Roundup 1L Concentrate


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Efekto Roundup 1L Concentrate

Herbicide for home garden use only. A foliar applied systemic herbicide, with little or no soil activity, for the control of many annual and perennial weeds in the home garden.

Do not use on lawns or other wanted plants

Systemic herbicide kills weeds and grasses down to the roots

No toxic residual in soils

Broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide

Kills weeds and grasses, roots and all

General information roundup is a foliar absorbed, systemic, postemergence herbicide with no or little soil activity

It is slow acting and maximum effect may only be achieved 2 to 4 weeks after application

Roundup works best on lush, vigorously growing weeds which are actively translocating nutrients into roots, bulbs, rhizomes and stolons. If weeds are mown or prior to treatment with Roundup allow adequate time to elapse for re-growth of sufficient absorptive leaf area before spraying. Because of no pre-emergence activity on weeds, repeat applications of Roundup will be necessary to maintain season long weed control.

Rain within 4 – 6 hours of application can reduce the efficacy of Roundup on weeds

Roundup should only be applied through spray equipment that is clean and free of rust. Internal sedimentations of wettable powders should be removed. Avoid high pressure, resulting in small droplets and spray drift which can damage desirable plants.

An even droplet distribution on the target weeds is essential for good results

Always use clean water



For use as a foliar spray on weeds in paving, and other areas around the house

Apply as a fine even spray and avoid run-off of the mixture

Apply to actively growing weeds and not to weeds suffering from moisture stress, senescence or cold stress

Perennial weeds should be sprayed when flowering is initiated or in mid-summer to early autumn

Certain perennial weeds (e.g Bramble) will require repeat applications on re-growth

Allow plants to die before any cultivation


Dosage rates

One litre of spray solution should spray 10 – 20 m

Dilution rates: % Roundup® (ml) 1 ltr water
3 – 30 %
4 – 40 %
4.5 – 45 %

For the control of young grasses and broadleaf weeds (up to 8 leaf stage) – 3 % (30 ml / 1 l water)

For the control of established annual grasses, broadleaf and certain perennial weeds: 3 – 4.5 % (30 – 45 ml / 1 l water)

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