Mayford Vegetables And Flowers

Mayford Vegetables And Flowers


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As a four generation family business the company developed a diverse portfolio including seed production, hobby packet seed, professional vegetable, turf and flower seed, vegetable breeding programs and specialized products for the home garden industry.



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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 0.5 cm
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Vegetable F1 Hybrid Broccoli Parthenon, Vegetable Brussels Sprouts Long Island, Vegetable Cabbage Cape Spitz Sugar Loaf, Vegetable Cabbage Drumhead, Vegetable Cabbage Glory Of Enkhuizen, Vegetable Cabbage Tronchuda, Vegetable Cape Gooseberry, Vegetable Carrot Kuroda, Vegetable Carrot Nantes, Vegetable Cauliflower Snowball, Vegetable Chinese Cabbage Chihilli, Vegetable Celery Utah, Vegetable Eggplant Black Beauty, Vegetable F1 Hybrid Cabbage Charmant, Vegetable F1 Hybrid Cabbage Puma, Vegetable F1 Hybrid Squash Mini Vegetables, Vegetable F1 Hybrid Squash Colinky, Vegetable Garden Bean Bush Sibaya, Vegetable Garden Beet Chioggia Guardsmark, Vegetable Beet Detroit Dark Red, Vegetable Beet Globe Dark Red, Vegetable Beet Ruby Velvet, Vegetable Beet Touchstone Gold, Vegetable Radish Easter Egg 2, Vegetable Radish Sparkler, Vegetable Radish White Icicle, Vegetable Kale Chou Moellier, Vegetable Leek Carentan, Vegetable Lettuce Elisa, Vegetable Great Lakes, Vegetable Lettuce Lara, Vegetable Lettuce Maira, Vegetable Mustard Florida Broadleaf, Vegetable Okra Clemson Spineless, Vegetable Onion Red Creole, Vegetable Onion Texas Grand 502 PRR, Vegetable F1 Hybrid Pumpkin Nelson, Vegetable Rape Giant English, Vegetable Squash Sweet Dumpling, Vegetable Squash Waltham, Vegetable Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant, Vegetable Swiss Chard Mixed, Vegetable Turnip Early Purple Top Globe, Flowers Alyssum Royal Carpet, Flowers Alyssum Carpet Of Snow, Flowers Carnation Giant Chabaud Double Mixed, Flowers Cornflower Special Florist Mixture, Flowers Dianthus Single Mixed, Flowers Escscholtzia Californian Poppy, Flowers F2 Impatiens Safari Mixed, Flowers Hollyhock Chater's Double Mixed, Flowers Lobelia Crystal Palace, Flowers Pansy Dream Giants, Flowers Pansy Super Swiss Giants, Flowers Petunia Bedding Finest Mixture, Flowers Phlox Beauty Mixed, Flowers Snapdragon Magic Carpet Extra Dwarf Mixed, Flowers Statice New Art Shades, Flowers Snapdragon University of California Tall Mixed, Flowers Verbena Showtime Mixed, Flowers Viola Cornuta Mixed


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