Scented Fresh Baby Wipes 80 Piece

Scented Fresh Baby Wipes 80 Piece


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Whether you’re at home or on the move, our compact and easy-to-carry baby wipes are a parenting essential. Perfect for diaper changes, quick clean-ups, or simply refreshing your baby during outdoor adventures, these wipes are a must-have in your baby care arsenal.

-Does not contain any preservatives fluorescent agents, alcohol, flavor, the safest guarantee for your baby
-More water, PH value close to the pH of the skin, soft skin.
-There are three kinds of embossing, one is pearl, the other is plain, and the last is diamond.
-There are two kinds of crafts, one is tiling, the other is crossover, the cross-stretching is better, the basic is not deformed, thicker and less permeable.
-Its functional diversity can not only give the baby a hand, mouth, butt, but also remove makeup, wash your face, etc.

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