Sun Solar Battery 12V 200AH

Sun Solar Battery 12V 200AH


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Sun Solar Battery – Germany Technology

Deep Cycle Solar Gel Battery.

This battery is 12 Volt and has a 200 amp/hours capacity.

This Deep cycle battery can be used with the following:
– Inverters
– UPS systems
– Electrical Tools
– Boats or Caravans
– Electrical Vehicle
– Gate/Garage Motors
– alarm systems
– Electric fence energizers

– 12 Volt DC
– 200 Amp Hours
– Terminal Type: small
– Net Weight: 50 Kg

What’s in the box
1 x Deep Cycle Gel Battery 200AH

Best Practices to Prolong Battery Life:
– Never discharge your battery below the recommded Depth of Discharge (DOD). 50% for GEL and 80% for Lithium Ion.
– Ensure your battery and the terminals to the Inverter are clean and tightly fafstened.
– Consistently drawing current from a battery without letting it fully charge degrades the battery quicker.
– Use batteries at an ambient temperature of 25 degress Celcius.
– Ensure good ventilation.

GEL batteries are not recommended for use in stage 3-6 load shedding for a prolonged period because the batteries would not get enough time to recharge full. Each loadshedding session is conted as a cycle as the battery is drained when the power is off and starts charging again when the power comes back on.

Please make sure that your inverter/charger works well with GEL batteries before buying. Warranty falls off if wrong or incompatible inverter/charger is used.

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions40 × 12 × 12 cm


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